Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach will make you believe in love at first sight. Composed of 98-percent silica, the sand here is some of the whitest on Earth. But the baby-powder-like sand isn’t all that makes every visit to this piece of paradise one to remember. Visitors can only access this 7 kilometers of coastline along the warm, clear waters of the Coral Sea by helicopter or seaplane to experience this spectacular island. Seeing all of that untouched natural beauty from above will make you believe in a tropical utopia with glowing sands and crystalline beaches. Situated on Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands with an always comforting 27°C temperature, this stretch of sand backed by tree-covered mountains is a heaven on earth which one must see to believe.

Getting There

Venturing into this beautiful beach is easy when flying directly into major airports in Australia. Deals can be found from Europe, Canada and the U.S. to Australia for around $1,000. Book direct flights from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Cairns operated by Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Calgary, Las Vegas, India and many more destinations around the world. You have quite a few options once you have landed to get to Whitehaven Beach, including boat, helicopter or sea-plane. The adventurous journey will only make the destination even more beautiful.