Why Canada should be on your bucket list


Bucket List Worthy  

Canada is a bucket list country for many travelers, and for a good reason. It is well known for its mountains and lakes in shades of blue you wouldn’t imagine exist.

Canada is a huge country but no matter how long you will stay, you won’t leave disappointed. You will leave astonished. Its wilderness is what makes visitors coming back to explore more.

And in 2017, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary. As a present to visitors from the Canadian government, all 47 national parks are free for the whole year. If there wasn’t a good time to book your trip to Canada, now it is! Give Canada the greatest gift and visit this beautiful country.

In case you need more convincing, here are just a few examples of what you can experience:

Canadian Rockies

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Hiking, scrambling or road tripping, you won’t get bored in the Canadian Rockies. Head to the western side of Canada, drive the famous scenic highway Icefields Parkway and try as many hiking routes as you can. At Lake Louise, some people are brave enough to relieve sore muscles in ice cold water during summer months. And some visit nearby hot springs. When you visit during the winter, you can ice skate or play hockey on the very same lake.


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Wherever you go in the Canadian Rockies, you are guaranteed to see some wildlife. And maybe you will get lucky even in the cities. Although you can see wildlife all year round, the popular time is the spring. It is when many newborns come out of the forest with their parents and learn about the world. The most common animals are beavers, mountain goats, moose, elk, brown and grizzly bears. Be responsible, respect their natural habitat and watch them from the safe distance.

Northern Lights

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One of the most beautiful natural phenomenon visible in Northern countries is northern lights. Sky lights up with green and purple lights dancing above you for hours. This spectacular light show can be seen all year round with the best chance during the full moon. To see the lights in full glory, head outside the city where the light pollution is the weakest and sky the darkest. Be prepared (usually) between 10 pm – 2 am and bring warm clothing.


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Another all year round activity is visiting Columbia Icefield. Located on Icefields Parkway, it makes a perfect stop while driving between Jasper and Banff national parks. This largest ice field in the Canadian Rockies is fed by 8 glaciers. You can visit by either taking a tour outside of winter months or drive just under the ice field and explore a part of it on your own.

Endless possibilities for outdoor adventures

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You might ask, what else can I do in the Canadian Rockies? You can rent a mountain bike or stand up paddleboard and head to any trail or lake in Canada and become a part of nature. Maybe you are not feeling adventurous. You can take a boat or rent a kayak to go across a lake to watch wildlife. In all cases, you will end up with great stories and experiences to share with your family and friends.


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