5 Reasons Why Iceland Is the Best Destination for Adventurous Travelers


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With a nickname like the “Land of Fire and Ice,” it’s easy to assume that Iceland is an idyllic destination for adventurous travelers. But it isn’t until you arrive on the island of ice caves, glaciers, hot springs, black sand beaches and jagged coastlines that you truly understand the multitude of once-in-a-lifetime-experiences this Nordic country has to offer. These are five reasons why every adventurer needs to visit the most sparsely populated country in Europe — Iceland.

1. There’s An Adventure for Everyone

Photo credit: Giuseppe Milo

Iceland isn’t just a destination for one type of adventurer. Whether you’re interested in hiking through national parks to waterfalls, scuba diving between two continents, climbing glaciers, snowmobile excursions or snapping photos of the Northern Lights, there’s an extreme Iceland experience just waiting for you.

2. Even the Food is Adventurous

One of the best ways to truly experience Iceland’s adventurous side is through the flavours you find on your plate. The country offers its very own Icelandic cuisine derived from its location in the North Atlantic and its Nordic roots. Seafood and lamb stand out as mouthwatering entree items on many menus, and when accompanied by freshly farmed vegetables, they create unforgettable, locally-sourced meals. You won’t leave Iceland hungry.

3. Volcanoes Are Everywhere

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Iceland wouldn’t exist without volcanic eruptions, and the island is still dotted with 200 volcanoes that can be visited by adventurous travellers. Eruptions are rare, but a number of volcano tours take visitors to the heart of the forces that created the North Atlantic Iceland roughly 70 million years ago.

4. You Can Do More

Many adventure travel destinations require grueling cross-country trips to check all of the bucket list experiences off your list. When visiting Iceland, you can have multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a single day — and just imagine what you can do with a week. A short 3-day and 2-night trip with Extreme Iceland can take you along the famed Golden Circle, glacier hiking, into ice caves, to the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon, northern lights watching, to waterfalls, volcanoes, picture-perfect beaches, geysers and so much more. You’re guaranteed to be wowed by how many life-changing experiences you’ll have on a single visit to the Land of Fire and Ice.

5. Even the City Screams Adventure

Photo credit: Hugi Olafsson

Many capital cities are simply transit points for travellers heading to or from country. But Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik is a place that will lure you in with Viking-age history, world-class museums, a geothermal beach, inviting pubs and plenty of adventures for the entire family to enjoy. This capital city is one that’s difficult to leave.


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