Why You Shouldn’t Miss Tenerife on your next trip to Spain


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Think about Spain! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably people enjoying the sun, having some tapas, dancing flamenco and sleeping long siestas. Am I right?

Well, you might not believe me, but all of these things are just stereotypes. We don’t take a nap every afternoon, not all of us know how to dance and definitely not all of us support or like bullfighting… However, there’s something that is very true. We have wonderful weather! And despite the north and the south having different climates, there’s a place where the sun shines more than 300 days a year. And yes, I’m speaking about Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.


If you were still not convinced by yourself, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss Tenerife on your next trip to Spain!

1- Tenerife has the highest peak of Spain

Go to Teide National Park and enjoy the landscape as if you were in Mars. Lots of different hiking routes for those who are in shape and also a cable route that will take you almost to the summit to enjoy the amazing views.


2- You’ll find one of the oldest trees in the world

The well-known Drago Milenario has been standing in Icod de los Vinos for at least 500 years. Pay it a visit and don’t miss out on the town and their famous wine.


3- You’ll love to get lost in the crooked mountain roads

Yes, they are hard to drive, I know. But the views and the landscapes are totally worth it, especially when you drive from Garachico to Los Gigantes. Remember to be aware of the turns!

Los Gigantes


4- Food!

Food is wonderful all over Spain, Europe but when in Tenerife don’t miss the chance of eating in the northern guachinches (traditional houses where they used to have wine excess, so they would open taberns to sell it out). Ask for one of them and enjoy the taste of traditional food, surrounded by locals and for very little money.



5- The lovely villages

Houses painted in colors mixed with colonial architecture. Steep streets ending up by the lava beaches…


Do you need anything else? Of course, I could give you a thousand reasons more to visit Tenerife but I prefer you to come and check it out by yourself.


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