Flight Network’s World’s Best Journeys for 2018 provides an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of the world’s top travel experts. This is a globally recognized list showcasing the most thrilling journeys and activities from every corner of our planet.


Flight Network’s World’s Best Journeys list for 2018 was created after conferring with 500+ travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors. Flight Network consulted these travel professionals to rank the best journeys in the world, based on their personal and professional experiences, and received unparalleled insight into the world’s most incredible and adventurous journeys on earth.


After the voting process ended, Flight Network’s in-house travel experts analyzed and categorized the results, and created the official list of 50 journeys that are ranked based on the number of votes they received from the five hundred travel professionals who participated. The resulting list is a compelling collection of life-changing adventures.