Welcome to the most definitive list of the World’s Best Journeys – a truly inspiring collection of the top 50 transformative trips every traveller must experience in their lifetime. This inspiring resource is an unparalleled guide to diverse and dynamic adventures with exhilarating activities in the most stunning, mystical, and culturally-rich lands on the planet.


The World’s Best Journeys list for 2018 was created by a collaboration between Flight Network and 500+ of the world’s top travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors – the ultimate insiders of international travel. This extensive collaboration produced the most thoughtful and detailed list of astonishing journeys – a list that will captivate and inspire travellers to embark on life changing adventures now, and for years to come.



Get ready to grab your passport and book a flight to the wonders of massive glaciers in Antarctica, sparkling night skies of the Sahara, magnificent creatures roaming the Galapagos Islands, or crystallized waters from the Aegean Sea to the Caribbean. Because there’s a journey for everyone whether you are from Toronto, New York, Calgary, Las Vegas, Orlando, LondonMiami or Montreal, dive into the list and discover your next grand adventure, whether it’s through the otherworldly landscapes of Greenland, across the twinkling turquoise seas of French Polynesia or the Greek Islands, or maybe into the mysterious regions of Patagonia, the Nile, Mount Kilimanjaro, and everywhere in between.