What’s There

So a ton of people have been flocking to this city in Croatia as a result of the popular TV Series ‘Game of Thrones’ since it was the main location for filming King’s Landing. And while you can spend the whole day wandering the city and feeling like you’re going to run into the Lannisters around any corner, any non GoT fan will still love this spot. Definitely take a walk along the city walls which date back to the 600s, and then wander through the winding streets to Old Town. A cable car ride from Mt. Srd is in order to see the city sprawl out beneath you. Also, be sure to hit up the beaches and enjoy the gorgeously blue water. It seriously looks photoshopped.

Who’s There

The people who call this place home are usually cheerful and have a laid back mentality. They’re very proud of their city and are always willing to play the role of host in hopes that you fall in love with Dubrovnik the way that they have. Given this city is on the Mediterranean, it can be hot and muggy in the summers with cool, mild winters. This means you should bring a coat in the winter, shorts, T-shirts, and lightweight clothing for the summers. Definitely bring beachwear, but know that you shouldn’t walk around in your bathing suits when not on the beach. And while everyone dresses very casually, they tend to dress a little nicer at night compared to the day.

Getting There

Dubrovnik Airport is also known as Čilipi Airport which is located 9.5 miles away from the city center. Explore Cheap flights to Dubrovnik with EasyJet from London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, France, Italy, Britain and Germany. Dubrovnik Airport is also the hub for Croatia Airlines. Travellers all around the world can easily get flights to Dubrovnik. Once at the Dubrovnik Airport, there is a regular airport shuttle bus that runs to Dubrovnik town passing by Old Town via Gruž to ferry port and main bus terminal, while the taxi is the other option for a mode of transport to and from the airport.