What’s There

Jerusalem is a gem and there’s truly no other place in the world like this ancient city. Here, religion and history meets the modern world. Explore the religions of Jerusalem in the Old City, which is quartered and holds the Western Wall in the Jewish Quarter, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter, and Dome of the Rock in the Muslim Quarter. You can go beneath the walls of the Old City on a tour, or walk the Ramparts and see the city from its ancient walls.
Other things to see are the Mahne Yehuda Market (aka The Shuk), which has delicious foods like knafeh, fresh fruits and vegetables, restaurants, and fun shops. Be sure to try shakshuka while you’re here, it’s AMAZING. And the hummus is also so good. There’s also a surprisingly active nightlife within this ancient city, so check out some of the local bars too. And, there’s plenty of museums. We recommend definitely planning a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Museum. It’s a sobering experience, but a truly important one for everyone.

Who’s There

There are all kinds of people in this city. From Jews to Christians to Muslims to secular Israelis. Since there are many religions and cultures blended together here, a modest dress code is important in order to be respectful. Men should wear long pants or longer shorts, and women should wear skirts that cover the knees. Shoulders should be covered, so no sleeveless tops. While it’s recommended that women don’t wear pants or that they wear sleeves down to their elbows, it’s not necessarily required. People will be accepting of tourists no matter what and understand that you might not know the rules. Maybe carry a scarf or shawl to cover up a little more at religious sites just in case. We highly recommend flowy and light fabrics when you choose your attire, since Jerusalem is in the desert. But winters do get cold here, so definitely keep in mind the seasons.

Getting There

To travel to Jerusalem, you will need to take a flight to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV). Ben Gurion Airport commonly known as Natbag is the main international airport of Israel. The distance from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is about 36 miles by car, and the drive takes less than an hour. A shuttle bus links Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem every hour, providing a great transportation option for those needing to get to or from the airport. North Americans can get to Tel Aviv with one-stop flights via European cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Munich with Arkia, Bluebird Airways, El Al and many more.