What’s There

One of North America’s oldest cities, Quebec City is located in Canada’s easternmost (and French-speaking) province of the same name. In most places of the city you’ll feel like your in Europe as you walk down narrow cobblestone streets and look up at imposing fortresses. One of the most recognizable sights is Le Château Frontenac which looks gorgeous at any time of day or night and makes for some great photos. Our favorite part of the city is the historic Vieux Quebec which is brimming with little shops and cafes just waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to try poutine – an ingenious combination of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds although other more unique toppings are cherished as well.

Who’s There

The locals, or Québécois are immensely proud of their city and are more than happy to raise a (Canadian) beer to those looking to learn more about it and it’s culture as well. The best time to visit would be either in the spring, summer, or fall with the autumn months being particularly magical right around the maple syrup harvesting season. Unless you really don’t mind the cold I’d avoid the winters as it can be very, very cold with powerful snowstorms being pretty common. If you do visit in the winter though you can be sure the locals will keep you supplied with enough beer and poutine to keep you plenty warm.

Getting There

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, also known as Jean Lesage International Airport is the primary airport serving the Canadian city of Québec. Travellers can explore flight options with Air Transat, Pascan Airlines, Sunwing Airlines, Porter Airlines and many more. American travellers can get direct flights to Quebec City from Chicago and New York, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando. The public transport company of Québec City, Réseau du Transport de la Capitale (RTC), offers a single line that connects Quebec Airport with the city centre every half an hour. Public buses are available outside the arrivals.