What’s There

With New Zealand comes adventure, and that’s exactly what you find when you visit Queenstown. There are endless activities that make adventure junkees swoon (including skydiving over their impressive mountains and braving the Nevis swing-the most famous swing in the world!). If swinging from terrifying heights isn’t your scene, no worries! You can take a pleasant stroll through Queenstown Gardens, and then make your way over to Marine Parade since it’s close by to enjoy the Queenstown Beach. Even if you don’t want a beach day, definitely check Marine Parade out since most of the festivals that go down in the city happen here and there’s always something going on. You can also do a wine tour for the day. With the insane scenery, you’re surrounded by, it’s pretty idyllic.

Who’s There

Queenstown isn’t known as a place of adventure just because of the type of tourists it attracts. The residents of this small city are incredibly adventurous and love to spend their time outdoors. In fact, if you hike along some of their trails, it’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with a local. Given that most of the population is Maori-born or foreign, you can find almost any type of food here and there are tons of festivals celebrating culture and sports. Since Queenstown experiences all four seasons, it’s good to keep in mind when you’re visiting as to what to pack. Pack a fleece in the winter, shorts in the summer, and good hiking shoes no matter. For the most part, the people here are super laid back so smart, casual dress is totally fine.

Getting There

Queenstown Airport serves the resort town of Queenstown and is only 5 miles away from the city center. It is located in Frankton, Otago, New Zealand and is just 15 minutes from downtown Queenstown and links to the city centre with shuttles, taxi services, buses and rental cars. Air New Zealand and Jetstar offer both domestic and international flights to and from Queenstown. Qantas and Virgin Australia fly internationally between Queenstown and the east coast of Australia. You can also explore flight options with Glenorchy Air and Air Air Milford. Non-stop flights to Queenstown are available from popular oceanic cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Auckland and Brisbane.