What’s There

San Sebastian is a coastal city in northern Spain in Basque Country. It is known for their cuisine and you will find many restaurants boasting about their Michelin stars and the fact that their pintxos (their version of tapas) are some of the best in the world. You can grab a drink and some of these delicious snacks as you wander through Parte Vieja (aka the Old Town) and enjoy the antique feel of the buildings. Right by Parte Vieja is La Concha beach, one of the most beautiful in Spain. You can enjoy the sun and a swim here, and even see a man who does some amazing sand art each day on the beach. Be sure to head to the top of Monte Urgull for an amazing view of the seashell shape the beach was named after. There’s also a very fun nightlife here, so be sure to take a nap because the Spaniards know how to party (and normally don’t get started until midnight).

Who’s There

While San Sebastian is part of Spain, the language of the people here is Basque which is very different than Spanish. People tend to be very friendly. The weather varies with the seasons, but you can expect rain almost any time of the year so a rain jacket and waterproof shoes are a must! Similar to most of Europe, the dress code is relaxed but nice. In the summers, bring a swimsuit for sure as it is a beach city!

Getting There

Only 20 kilometres from the city centre, San Sebastián Airport is the airport that services San Sebastián in Spain. The nearest international airports are Bilbao Airport and Biarritz Airport. We suggest you fly to Bilbao which is well connected to all major airports in Europe as well as North America. Take a domestic flight to San Sebastian from Bilbao with Vueling or Iberia Regional. Whether you are travelling from Toronto or Vancouver, New York or Los Angeles, London or Berlin you can easily get a flight to Bilbao Airport. Alternatively, you can also fly into Spain through Madrid or Barcelona from where you can easily catch a flight to San Sebastián Airport. You can also opt for Buses or Trains from these Spanish cities to the port city of San Sebastian.