What’s There

Vancouver is an amazing place to visit. From a bustling metropolitan area to lush forests and pristine beaches – Vancouver has it all! A great place to start your time there is on Granville Island, which is the main hub for tourism and entertainment in the city. While you’re there don’t miss the Granville Island Public Market to get a drink at the brewery and check out some local art. You really need to check out the English Bay too if you’re looking to hit the beach and get some breathtaking pictures while you’re at it. One of our favourite parts of Vancouver was the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Where else can you get views from 70 meters up in the treetops!

Who’s There

Most Vancouver natives are of Canadian-European ancestry, however, interestingly enough a significant percentage (about 28%) are of Chinese ancestry. Vancouver has a thriving Chinese cultural presence and great restaurants, festivals, and even their own Chinatown. Vancouver is also the most densely populated city in Canada making it a city of significant economic and cultural importance to the country as a whole. But Vancouverites do much more than work! There’s a whole host of bars, restaurants, theatres, art galleries, and so much more to check out while you’re there. Any glance at some of the menus in this city and you’ll see some of the freshest salmon on display that Vancouver is so well known for. It’s just about as fresh and delicious as catching it yourself!

Getting There

Vancouver International Airport is served by its own SkyTrain rapid transit line, called the Canada Line that can take you all the way to Waterfront Station at the center of the city. Direct flights to Vancouver are available from most cities whether you are travelling from New Delhi or Brisbane, Munich or Las Vegas.