What’s There

Zurich, Switzerland is certainly a sight to see. It’s on the northern end of Lake Zurich, so it’s perfect if you want to take a pleasant boat ride around or just a stroll since you can see the famous statues as far as the Swiss Alps!
Additionally, you must see the gorgeous city from the top of Uetliberg mountain. Here you can hike a few trails, or take a cable car. Also be sure to check out their museums, like the Swiss National Museum or the Schauspielhaus Zürich (which is one of the most important theatres in the German-speaking world!). And of course, you must check out West Zurich if you want to do a little shopping. The shops and restaurants here are nestled beneath the arches of an old railway bridge between the train station and the riverbank. While all the restaurants will tempt you as you peak at the dishes floating by, you must try the Zurcher Geschnetzeltes. You can get it served with rösti, which is perfect because it’s another national dish to try.

Who’s There

Given that Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and an economic hub, there’s a large international community in addition to the local residents. So it’s not uncommon to hear German and English mix in the streets (which is great if you need to ask directions). Zurich has all four seasons, so it’s a delight to see no matter the time of year. However, this means summers can be hot, while winters are frigid (no surprise since they are located near the Swiss Alps). We would definitely recommend you to check out the weather before you go and pack accordingly. But for the most part, the locals dress casually. Jeans and sneakers are fine, although they tend to wear more ‘fashionable’ sneakers. You should definitely bring a nicer outfit or two for some of the nicer restaurants or a show if you decide to do one.

Getting There

Zurich Airport is the largest international airport of Switzerland and is located 8 miles north of central Zürich. Explore flight options with Edelweiss Air, Swiss International Air Lines, Chair Airlines, Vueling, United Airlines, Tunisair, SunExpress and many more. The busiest routes from Zurich Airport are London, Dubai, Berlin, Vienna, New York, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Bangkok, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. You can get a bus, cab, train, tram or car rental to the city center from the airport itself.