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Finally figure out what Evita was singing about by booking an all inclusive holiday to Argentina. You will soon find yourself falling in love with the country's soccer-addicted locals, rich history and culture, and incredible natural landscapes, all of which make it one of South America's top vacation destinations.

Argentina Vacation Guide

The mesmerizing movements of the tango, the rich and full-bodied wines, and some of the most beautiful countryside in the world — these are just a few of the countless reasons to book vacations to Argentina.

Making up almost the entire lower half of the South American continent, Argentina provides a wide variety of landscapes ranging from rugged mountains to vast plains, deserts, scenic beaches, and thick jungles. Once here, you can choose to hike to the highest point on the continent at Cerro Aconcagua, take in the stunning natural beauty of the Patagonian Steppe, or visit the Land of Fire in Tierra del Fuego. Alternatively, you can choose urban adventures in the cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, where top-notch steakhouses and exciting nightclubs offer visitors a great deal of food and entertainment options at extremely affordable prices.

The Obelisk a major touristic destination in Buenos Aires Argentina

Top Destinations in Argentina

Find informative travel guides and book cheap flights to all cities in Argentina, including:

How to Save on Vacations to Argentina

Dinners are usually more expensive than lunches at most restaurants in Argentina so you can eat on the cheap by making lunch the main meal of your vacation days. Although tips are always welcome, they are highly dependent on service and percentages are not as high as in North America. On average, travellers in Argentina will find that a 10-15% tip is more than adequate for good service.

Unlike most other countries in South America, Argentina's intercity public transport network is well established and buses operate with a high frequency of service. Travelling by bus is much cheaper than booking flights between your various vacation destinations and you will also get a chance to see more of the country while on the road.

When to Go and Weather

The weather in Argentina varies drastically depending on which part of the country you're in. While it can be pleasantly cool in the Andes during summertime, temperatures in the country's desert areas can go up to 50°C. Weather-wise, picking the best time to book all inclusive vacations to Argentina depends largely on which areas you plan on visiting.

Summers, which extend from December to February, can be hot and extremely humid in the north of the country as well as cities located farther inland from the South Atlantic shore. However, this is the best time to visit Patagonia in the south of Argentina where you will find a riot of summer colours and much milder weather. If you're heading for the ski slopes, cheap deals will be difficult to find in July and August but you can easily find inexpensive vacation packages at other times between June and October.

You can forget about finding cheap vacation packages at the last minute if you're travelling in January, February, or July, as these are the peak travel seasons in Argentina. But with a little advance planning, discount deals on Argentina vacations are easy to find during the rest of the year.