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Caribbean Vacation Guide

All inclusive Caribbean vacations are the stuff of dreams, especially among those subject to harsh winter weather. It's not uncommon to find yourself gazing out over February's snowbanks and fantasizing about lazing on a beach in Punta Cana, sipping umbrella drinks in Antigua, or dancing the night away at discotheques in Nassau. Why not scratch that itch by booking a cheap vacation package to the Caribbean and treat yourself to some warmth in Runaway Bay, a diving adventure in Grand Cayman, or relaxation in Samana?

The Caribbean is one the the world's most desirable regions to travel to because it offers everything you need to relax and unwind. Warm weather, sandy beaches, an ocean to play in — whether you prefer swimming, sailing, surfing, diving, wakeboarding or any other water sport — and a laid-back island attitude to help you shake off your workaday stresses.

Northern coast of Trinidad, Caribbean

How to Save on Vacations to Caribbean

The first step to finding an awesome deal on a Caribbean vacation is to do some shopping on FlightNetwork.com and get an idea of the destinations that appeal to you and the style of vacation you want. Do you want to whack a tennis ball around, go horseback riding on the beach, swim up to the bar, or boogie at the disco? Is your heart set on climbing Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, trail riding in Puerto Plata, or jumping off Negril Cliffs? Sun and sand are everywhere, but each island has a unique flavor and every resort in the Caribbean has its own vibe and caters to different interests, so make a list of the ones that offer the facilities and amenities that fire your imagination. After all, it's only a great deal if you get what you want.

Figuring out when to go to your chosen destination has a huge influence on the price you pay for vacations. Resorts offer the cheapest prices on all inclusive packages in the off season, which occurs in the summer months throughout most of the Caribbean, but there can be trade-offs involved in saving this way. Resorts often schedule renovations and maintenance for the off-season, so there can be construction noise and some of the facilities might be closed. If you're planning to explore attractions outside of the resort, bear in mind that some close down during the low-season, so it's best to check before you book. Late summer is also hurricane season, which can put a damper on your vacation, especially if you don't buy travel insurance. A rock-bottom price might not seem like such a great deal if you find yourself in Montego Bay on an oppressively humid summer day with temperatures climbing past 30°C, and the pool's closed.

A happy medium is to book Caribbean vacations during the shoulder season, when you don't have to pay peak rates, but you get more bang for your buck by being able to enjoy the all inclusive vacation experience to the fullest.

When to Go and Weather

Most islands in the Caribbean enjoy warm to hot weather year-round with temperatures often exceeding 30°C and seldom being colder than 24°C. Tropical tradewinds help to keep the Caribbean consistently warm. The most northerly island group is The Bahamas, which is considered subtropical and tends to be slightly cooler, with winter temperatures in the low 20s Celsius, reaching highs of about 27°C during the hotter summer months. Bermuda's weather is unlike that of other Caribbean destinations because it is actually in the Atlantic Ocean rather than the Caribbean Sea, so it is influenced by the Gulf Stream and therefore extremely hot and humid from May through October.

By Canadian standards, most places in the Caribbean are considered warm at any time of year, but the most obvious time to take Caribbean vacations is during the winter months when cabin fever has many Canadians yearning to escape somewhere warm. A key consideration when planning trips to the Caribbean is hurricane season, which occurs through August and September.