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Cruise along South America's fjords, check in at luxurious ski resorts for a winter vacation of indulgence, and bask in the sunshine on miles and miles of Pacific beaches ┬Ś enjoy all this and more by booking all inclusive holiday packages to Chile with FlightNetwork┬« and get deep discounts on all your travel needs.

Chile Vacation Guide

Lining the lower half of South America's Pacific shoreline, Chile's arid deserts, snow-capped mountains, jagged fjords, and picturesque islands provide visitors with visual treats that never seem to run out.

With fashionable ski resorts and expansive vineyards that can easily compete with the best of those in Europe, those looking for luxury vacations to Chile will not be disappointed with the country's offerings. Easter Island's moai carvings and Chiloe's mythical stories of ghosts and magic are ideal for those looking to explore off the beaten path and veer away from city life in Santiago and Concepcion. Chile's history dates back to Inca settlements and with dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites to choose from, including the city of Valparaiso, history buffs can spend endless hours tracing Chile's past at museums, historical sites, and well-preserved monuments.

Whether you choose to visit the volcanoes and hot springs, forests and lakes, or experience the harsh beauty of the world's driest desert, booking all inclusive vacations to Chile can be the start of an epic adventure set against the country's breath-taking landscapes.

Towers of Santiago's metropolitan cathedral

Top Destinations in Chile

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How to Save on Vacations to Chile

Although ATMs and Exchange Bureaus are widely available across Chile, it is best to carry enough local currency with you to cover most of your everyday travel expenses. This will save you from high exchange rates charged on credit and debit cards, and is also a convenient way to pay for small purchases at shops which only accept cash in Chilean Pesos.

Travellers who aren't keen on sticking to a rigid schedule should check out last minute deals on cruises along Chile's coast. In addition to getting great discounts, even on luxury liners, most cruises offer all inclusive packages that cover your food, accommodation, and some entertainment options as well.

When to Go and Weather

While dry weather conditions prevail in the Atacama to the north, Chile's central areas have a pleasant Mediterranean-type climate with wet winters and hot summers. and the south is known to be rainy, windy, and cold. Bad weather can put a damper on even the best-laid plans so choose the right time to book Chile vacations carefully, depending on where you will be spending most of your time.

Tourists making their way to the country's ski resorts should book well in advance if they want to hit the slopes in July and August, which is the peak season for winter travel to Chile. Although cheap last minute deals to the north of the country will be easier to find in summertime, this is not the best time to visit the area due to heavy rainfall and soaring temperatures that can take the wind out of even the most intrepid of travellers. However, this is the best season to visit the rest of the country and enjoy its many outdoor attractions. Alternatively, you can get special deals on all inclusive packages in the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when the weather is still good and prices are not prohibitive.