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Grab the chance to try out your best dance moves at Baranquilla's Carnival, enjoy the serenity of over 300 pristine beaches, and visit the city where every second person looks like a supermodel. Find all this and more with FlightNetwork®'s package deals to Colombia.

Colombia Vacation Guide

San Gil claims to be the hottest destination for adventure seekers, Medellín proclaims the best views of the valleys far below, while Cali purports to produce the country's most beautiful women. Decide for yourself if each of them merits their reputation by booking all inclusive vacations to Colombia and checking out the real deal. There are soaring mountains, Caribbean and Pacific beaches, Amazon jungles, ancient ruins, and endless coffee plantations where you can pick and choose your favourite java brew. And all of this is before you get to the lively cities Bogota and Cartagena, where Spanish colonialism has given way to an atmosphere and charm that is uniquely Colombian.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur, looking for some peace and quiet on a beach that isn't filled with college students on spring break, or just eager to explore the country that has been cut off for decades due to its past civil conflicts, you're bound to find a cheap package deal that suits your travel tastes and budget.

Lookout from Guatape rock Antioquia Colombia

Top Destinations in Colombia

Find informative travel guides and book cheap flights to all cities in Colombia, including:

How to Save on Vacations to Colombia

Remember that the language may be a barrier here and if you don't speak Spanish, pick an all inclusive package that includes tours with English-speaking guides. This will be much cheaper than arriving in Colombia, realizing you can't understand a word of what is being said, and then getting ripped off at the last minute with exorbitant fees charged by unscrupulous guides waiting for tourists just like you.

FlightNetwork® also recommends investing in adequate travel and medical insurance. Colombia is no longer plagued by the high levels of crime and violence that it was once infamous for, but it is always a good idea to have insurance. Buying it will avoid the tremendous expense of paying medical bills at local hospitals, or changing your flights to accommodate an emergency.

When to Go and Weather

Temperatures in Colombia do not vary much throughout the year, but the climate changes dramatically depending on the altitude. It can be below freezing in the mountains, and still quite hot and humid on the coasts. There is also a major difference between day and nighttime temperatures in the mountains, while closer to sea-level, the climate remains fairly consistent.

Colombia's proximity to the equator and exposure to both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts means that seasonal timings also vary across the country. Generally speaking though, Colombia's dry season extends from December to March, as well as from July to August. During the rest of the year, the rains can range from occasional showers to outright downpours. Peak travel seasons are concentrated in the dry seasons, so if you must book your vacations to Colombia during this time, remember to make arrangements as much in advance as you possibly can. Alternatively, aim for the shoulder seasons near the beginning or end of the peak periods and get cheaper deals on hotels, flights, and most outdoor activities.