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Does your idea of a perfect vacation include serene beaches, cool lakes and hot springs, pyramids, volcanoes, and some of the best nightlife that Central America has to offer? If so, bring your ideas to life with a package holiday to El Salvador.

El Salvador Vacation Guide

The surf's up in El Salvador so grab your board shorts and head for the waves. More and more surfers are making their way to the Pacific shores of El Este, El Zonte, and La Libertad, but El Salvador's beaches are still far from crowded, especially when compared with more popular spots in neighbouring Costa Rica and Guatemala.

The fact that most tourists to Central America miss out on El Salvador is actually great news for you. It means that vacations here are cheap, and you don't have to queue for hours to visit the country's historic sites and attractions. And what a lot there is to see — a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Joya de Ceren, preserved for centuries under volcanic ash, ancient Mayan pyramids at San Andres, dream-like landscapes in the Montecristo Cloud Forests, and an incredible amount biodiversity at the Parque Nacional Bosque El Imposible. Although it is the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador packs quite a punch and you'll find plenty of ways to fill up your vacations days, whether you're lazing in a hammock, soaking in hot springs, or living city life the El Salvadoran way in San Salvador's shops, restaurants, museums, and nightclubs.

Juayua Church which is known for its Black Christ

Top Destinations in El Salvador

Find informative travel guides and book cheap flights to all cities in El Salvador, including:

How to Save on Vacations to El Salvador

Travelling in El Salvador is not an expensive undertaking to begin with, but prices for hotels and flights do go up around Christmas and New Year, and hotels fill up quickly during the local festivals. So to get rock-bottom prices, make sure you book your El Salvador vacations in the off-peak season.

Inter-city transport systems are limited to buses that are frequently overcrowded, and although renting a car may be pricier than buying a bus ticket, it will undoubtedly be more comfortable. The way to save on your car rentals is by booking your vehicle of choice in advance online, or buying an all inclusive vacation package which includes a rental car. Either one will be cheaper than hiring a car after you arrive in El Salvador.

When to Go and Weather

El Salvador's dry season runs from November to April, and this is the most popular time to visit. Vacation deals are usually cheaper during the rainy season, from May to October, but this is when the roads are usually harder to navigate, and you won't get to enjoy as many outdoor activities. Cheap vacations to El Salvador are easier to find in the shoulder seasons in early-November or late-April, when the surfers, sunbathers, and local holidaying families are not around.

Temperatures on the coast are fairly stable throughout the year, averaging 22-23°C, while it is much cooler in the mountains, where temperatures range from 12-23°C. Be prepared for more varied climatic conditions in the interior lowlands, where temperatures can change more than 20 degrees through the course of the year.