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France Vacation Guide

Whether you've booked a vacation to France for one week, two weeks, or an entire month, you probably still won't see and experience all the incredible sights and experiences that the country has to offer. A weekend of revelry in Paris, a wine-tasting tour through the Loire Valley, an open-air history lesson in Strasbourg, stunning mountainside views from a chalet in the Alps — and all of this is even before you get to the playground of the rich and famous in the Côte d'Azur.

But France is not just for those with deep pockets. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find an all inclusive package deal that is suited to it. Just pick the places you simply must see, set a price limit on your search, and let our revolutionary search engine do the rest. Throw in over a dozen filters that help you choose locations, hotel amenities, and star ratings, and finding cheap France vacations becomes a breeze!

Spring morning with Eiffel Tower Paris France

Top Destinations in France

Find informative travel guides and book cheap flights to all cities in France, including:

How to Save on Vacations to France

The French know a thing or two about living the good life and food is no exception to their penchant for excellence. So when you're booking all inclusive vacations to France, opt for a European Plan which covers your flights and hotels and leaves you free to explore the delicious diversity of French cuisine at your own pace.

Local transport in France is extremely efficient and whether it's Paris' metro or inter-city trains from Lyon to Marseilles and Nice, you will find it easy to get around without a car. So unless you're travelling deep into the countryside, don't bother adding a rental car to your package deal. You will get along just fine in France without one.

When to Go and Weather

Picking a time to travel to France really depends on what kind of vacation you're looking for. If some time in the sun is what you're seeking, make your way to the Mediterranean coast in the South where the summers are hot and long, and you can catch plenty of rays well into September. If you're an avid skier, conditions in France are best in the winter, from December until early March.

Keep in mind that the French like holidaying in their own country almost as much as the millions of international visitors who come calling every year. So avoid planning your trip during Christmas, Easter, or around any French national holidays when traffic slows down to a crawl and the beaches get crowded quicker than you can say "Bon Voyage!" To get the best deal on all inclusive packages, visit in the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when you can enjoy cheaper prices as well as great weather.