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Whether you're in the water or out, Guadeloupe will not leave you wanting for entertainment options and activities. Vacations here are a perfect blend of exuberant festivals, serene beaches, and plenty of islands to choose where you'd like to enjoy them all.

Guadeloupe Vacation Guide

If you're looking for a holiday in France but just can't make it to Europe, a holiday in Guadeloupe will fit the bill just as well. In fact, the sunny weather and loads of beaches will probably make it even better! This French overseas territory is an archipelago of several islands, only nine of which are inhabited, leaving you plenty of isolated beaches to kick back and catch up on your alone time. And if you're looking for something a little more active, there are hiking trails galore on the Butterfly Islands of Grand Terre and Basse Terre, a sulphur volcano contemplating its next move, and loads of adventure sports facilities. But as stunning as the landscape is on land, slip below the surface and take in the vibrant, colourful marine life that can be found around Guadeloupe's shores. You won't be disappointed.

The locals are friendly, even if you don't speak French, and these are people who know how to party. So if you care to join in, you can dance till dawn at street parties and get a little firsthand insight into the local culture. Guadeloupe incorporates the best of good French living, designer stores, sailing regattas, and excellent transport and accommodation infrastructure, with all the charm and atmosphere of the Caribbean. So for a slice of France not too far from home, Guadeloupe vacations are the way to go.

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Top Destinations in Guadeloupe

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How to Save on Vacations to Guadeloupe

When you're looking for all inclusive vacations to Guadeloupe that suit a tight budget, be sure to pick a package deal that has only the components that you absolutely want or need. For instance, if you like experimenting with local cuisines but are picky about transport, don't buy a package that includes all your meals at the hotel but has no discounts on car rentals. Instead, go for a European Plan vacation deal that gets you a cheap rental car rate so that you can travel in comfort and eat wherever you please.

Spending the bulk of your vacation time on one of Guadeloupe's smaller islands will save you quite bit on hotel expenses. Accommodation is generally more expensive on Grande Terre and Basse Terre, since that is where most of the action is. But on Marie Galante or La Desirade, prices drop quite a bit, and you will have the added advantage of sharing the island with fewer tourists, more locals, and a much more authentic Caribbean atmosphere.

When to Go and Weather

With warm temperatures all year ranging from the high teens to the low 30s (Celsius), it is no wonder that Guadeloupe is one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations for tourists from Europe and North America.

Fewer tourists come calling from June to November, which is when the islands receive most of their rain and the possibility of hurricanes is also higher. But prices for flights and hotels skyrocket from December to May, especially around Christmas, New Year, Easter, and the Carnival festival which is held the week prior to Ash Wednesday. Guadalupe vacations are cheaper when booked for the shoulder periods between May and early-June or end-November to mid-December. Although prices fall during this time, keep in mind that a lot of restaurants, hotels, and sports facilities close down during October and November, opening again only in time for the December tourists.