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Want the sophistication and style of France against a Caribbean backdrop? That's not a tall order with package holidays to Martinique, and when you book with FlightNetwork®, we'll sweeten the deal with incredible discounts on all your travel components.

Martinique Vacation Guide

In charming Martinique, you never have to choose between vacations in the city, on the beach, or in the mountains. You'll find all three within a short distance of each other, and have the great Caribbean sunshine to enjoy them all in. Live a slice of Parisian life in Martinique's capital, Fort-de-France, where gourmet meals and chic outfits are the norm — hike up the slopes of Mount Pelee, the island's volcano which obliterated Martinique's erstwhile capital, Saint-Pierre; sunbathe on white sand beaches in the south or explore the black sand shores of Le Carbet and Le Prêcheur in the north. Three diverse landscapes for the price of one? Vacations don't get much better than this!

Dive into the deep blue waters off the coast, dance with abandon to the Carnival beats, indulge in a glass or two of the local sugarcane rum, or meander through the numerous nature parks on the Island of Flowers. The choices for ways to spend your time here are endless, but when it comes to getting cheap vacations to Martinique, there's no better choice than FlightNetwork®.

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Top Destinations in Martinique

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How to Save on Vacations to Martinique

If you opt for a European Plan package which doesn't include meals at your hotel, you will have the chance to explore the local restaurants and sample Martinique's incredible cuisine, which is a fusion of Creole and French influences. Make a point of eating at restaurants offering a prix fixe menu which usually includes an appetizer, main course, and a drink or dessert. This will be a lot cheaper than ordering from the à la carte menu, and save you quite a bit on your travel budget. Alternatively, you can choose to have lunch as your main meal, which is usually cheaper than the evening meal at most restaurants.

For sightseeing on the cheap, stick to places that don't charge an entrance fee. While famous attractions like the Musee Gauguin charge up to $8 CAD per ticket, there are plenty of nature parks and beaches where you can park yourself for hours on end for absolutely free.

When to Go and Weather

The island's dry season extends from December to May, but with year-round temperatures averaging 26°C, there's never really a bad time to book vacations to Martinique. Most visitors come calling from December to April and there's a second peak season when tourists from France visit Martinique in the summer holidays in July and August.

The island also receives most of its rain from August to October, and although hurricanes are rare, it is worth checking the weather forecast before you travel if this is when you're visiting. Prices are usually cheaper during the rainy months, but to get the best of weather and travel deals, plan your visit between May and June when lots of hotels offer off-peak specials and promotional rates.