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In one of Central America's most underrated destinations you will find pristine beaches, oodles of history and culture, stunning views atop volcanic mountains, and plenty of incredibly cheap vacation deals to get you there for less.

Nicaragua Vacation Guide

Filled with mountains, lakes, and volcanoes, Nicaragua vacations will take you to some of the most breathtaking vistas you have ever seen. The stories of Contra Wars have long faded but still leave Nicaragua largely off the beaten path, meaning you won't have any trouble at all getting cheap vacation deals to the country.

As one of Central America's oldest cities, Spanish colonialism is best explored in Granada with its prime location overlooking the Lago de Nicaragua. This freshwater lake is the largest of its kind in the region, and its islands are ideal for those who want to be surrounded by nature and not much else. To immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, there's no better city than León with its magnificent churches, art galleries and museums, and those looking for urban Nicaraguan life at its best should plan to spend a few days in the capital of Managua. From the dizzy heights of the Augusto Sandino monument to the city streets packed with hundreds of restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can eat and drink on the cheap, this is where the majority of Nicaragua's population resides.

While the cities can certainly lay claim to your entire vacation time, be sure to explore the country's cloud forests at Esteli, discover local wildlife at the country's many nature reserves, warm yourself with a cup of aromatic coffee in plantations around Jinotega, or sail away to absolute peace and quiet on the Corn Islands.


Top Destinations in Nicaragua

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How to Save on Vacations to Nicaragua

Good food in Nicaragua is widely available, and cheap too, so instead of opting for vacation packages that include all your meals at the hotel, venture out to local restaurants and cafes that will serve you delicious daily specials at prices that are affordable to travellers on every sort of budget.

If you're shopping for gifts for friends and family back home, avoid the markets in Nicaragua's larger cities and wait until you're visiting the country's smaller towns and villages. This is where you will find cheaper items as well as shops that are intended more for locals than tourists, making the souvenirs you find here much more authentic and representative of the country.

When to Go and Weather

Picking the right time to book all inclusive Nicaragua vacations depends on which part of the country you will be spending most of your time in. The varied geography and influences of two coasts means that the weather can differ quite widely from one place to the next. Most visitors begin their vacations on the Pacific side of the country where the winter season between late May and October brings heavy downpours. Across the country, average winter temperatures range between 27-32°C, dropping by nearly 10°C when you go into the mountains.

April and May can be especially hot in Nicaragua with temperatures rising to the 30s with little or no rain to provide relief. The dry season from November to April attracts the majority of tourists to Nicaragua who come here to hike, lie on the beach, explore, and spend as much time as they can outdoors. Booking all inclusive vacation deals during this season will be more expensive, but will get you clearer skies and temperatures ranging between 30-35°C.