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Paella, flamenco, marzipan, Gaudi —you know all about Spain's famous contributions. Now discover the finer aspects of this fascinating country by going on an all inclusive vacation that gets you loads of travel deals packed with discounts galore.

Spain Vacation Guide

As far Spain is concerned, your biggest problem won't be finding a cheap vacation deal, but deciding which part of this magnificent country you want to spend your holiday in. Will you opt for Spain's biggest attraction and head to the beach at Marbella or Nerja in the Costa del Sol or Costa de la Luz? Will it be skiing and outdoor sports in the Pyrenees, or will you choose to taste your way through the country with gastronomic city tours to Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao?

Incredible beaches, art, architecture, food, dance styles, music, and all the ingredients necessary to live the good life can be found here in Spain. And from the religious zeal at Santiago de Compostela, to the medieval atmosphere of Granada and Seville, to the more modern and artistic cities of Barcelona and Madrid, you will be spoiled for choice for the ways and means to enjoy all that the country has to offer. Pick the part of Spain that suits your travel tastes and style the most, grab one of our cheap package deals, and get going on a holiday that promises to be memorable in every way.

Spain Barcelona cathedral of Santa Family Gaudy

Top Destinations in Spain

Find informative travel guides and book cheap flights to all cities in Spain, including:

How to Save on Vacations to Spain

If your Spanish sojourn is going to involve a lot of travel between different cities, consider taking the bus instead of flights or the train. Bus tickets are easily and cheaply available, even at the last minute, and there is a good frequency of connections between Spain's main cities. This will help you cut down on more expensive travel costs, and give you a little more time to enjoy watching the countryside go by.

Museums in Spain are some of the main attractions and unless you're staying put on the beach, you're bound to visit one or more on your trip. A little advance research will help you figure out when each museum has a 'free day,' when you don't need to buy an entry ticket. Get there early to avoid the queues, and enjoy all the famous artwork, sculptures, and artifacts for free!

When to Go and Weather

Contrary to what the song says, the rain in Spain unfortunately does not stay mainly in the plain. Although most of the country enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, the sort of weather you can expect really depends on which part of Spain you're in.

On the northern coast, summer temperatures don't rise above 25°C, winters and cool but not cold, and yes, there is a fair bit of rain. Around the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, you can expect more extreme seasonal temperatures and lots of snow, making these areas great ski destinations for winter vacations. In the interior lowlands, winters are mild and summers hot, while to the south, the temperatures and humidity levels are both relatively high throughout the year.

All this variety gives you plenty of choices for where you spend your vacations in Spain, and no matter when you visit, there's good weather and sun to be found at somewhere in the country. The southern coastline is a popular tourist spot throughout the year but visiting in October or April will get you cheaper deals on flights and hotels. Elsewhere, visit from May to June, in September, or in the winter weeks skirting around Christmas and New Year, and you will avoid the peak travel seasons but still enjoy good weather and discount prices on Spain vacation packages.