Anse Intendance

Getting to Anse Intendance can be a challenge — travelers must endure a hot, rugged forest trail along sea cliffs to reach it. Yet people make the walk every day to reach the wild beach located in the southern region of Mahe. Abundant with powder-fine sand, clear blue-green waters and a lush mountain backdrop, Anse Intendance is a photographer’s dream. Since there’s no coral reef to protect the bay from the ocean, the water can get deep making it a great place to surf.

Getting There

Some 300 miles off the coast of mainland Africa, the best way to reach the Seychelles is by plane. Nearest airport is Seychelles Intl Airport. Most connecting flights originate from Doha, Dubai, or Nairobi and travel between the islands is typically done on small planes or helicopters. Ferry service between the main islands of Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin is operated. After reaching Seychelles you can take a taxi or a private vehicle to reach Anse Intendance beach. It will take around 40 minutes to cover distance of 21 km.