Boulders Beach

Boasting 295 days of annual sun, Boulders Beach is an explore-worthy national landmark complete with plush white sands, delightful penguins, and ancient granite boulders. Walk along the beach’s boardwalk or splash in one of the many rock pools. Deep blue waters stay protected and calm, hidden amongst the granite so your swim is peaceful and serene. Boulders Beach and its penguin inhabitants welcome 60,000 annual visitors who relish its impressive landscape and tanning in the average annual 22°C Cape Town weather.

Getting There

Though this tropical vacation may sound like a far-away dream land, Boulders Beach is easily accessible with a number of different travel options with top Airlines including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and South African Airways. Major airports in Europe, Asia and North America are offering direct flights to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa. You can also directly fly from London, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Once there, paradise is only an hour away. Get more flexibility in fares from popular cities including San Diego, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa and Paris. You can easily rent a car to get around. However, tourists recommend taking a more scenic train route to find yourself near Boulders. Hop on a train in Cape Town and venture to Simon’s Town with the beach a short walk from there. You truly can experience the beauty of South Africa and make traveling part an incredible part of the journey.