Cap Skirring

The empty beaches of Cap Skirring provide a rare opportunity to feel as though you’ve landed in a deserted paradise, albeit one with luxury amenities. Calm aquamarine waters can be enjoyed on kayak or sailboat, and the local culture and scenery can be explored on mountain bike or foot. Fishing is a popular pastime in this area so those interested in the sport can easily find a fishing guide and boat. Touted by many as the finest beach in Senegal it is a must for those looking for a mellow beach to melt into.

Getting There

Cap skirring is 220 kilometres south of Banjul, Gambia which is the nearest international airport. Travellers can also fly into Dakar which is 520 km away. Embark on your journey by booking a flight to Banjul international airport from nearby countries such as Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Guinea or Mauritiana. You can also find flights that fly into Gambia from North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Once you arrive in Banjul take a bus or rent a car to your dream destination.