Comoro Island

The stark contrast of white sand and black volcanic rocks which snake all the way from the slopes of the volcano, create an astounding vision, especially when set against the sapphire water. An area that only receives about 3,000 visitors a year, Comoro Island is the place to go for those who have a special place in their heart for silence, highlighted by lightly lapping water and a warm breeze. While some might shy away from the limited modern-day amenities available on its beaches, others relish the opportunity to unplug in one of the most heavenly environments on Earth.

Getting There

Moroni Island is the largest city and capital of the Union of the Comoros, an incredible archipelago off of the coast of Mozambique. Comoros Island is a 22 Km drive from the international airport Prince Said Ibrahim. Travellers can find direct flights to Comoros Island from all major cities in the world such as New York, Toronto, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Melbourne. The best airlines to fly with are Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Kenya Airways, United Airlines and Lufthansa.