Diaz Beach

An area well suited for hikers and intrepid explorers, Diaz Beach provides a beautiful display of powerful waves crashing into pristine sands surrounded by vegetation-covered cliffs. The beach is rarely crowded but is not recommended for lounging, as the local baboons are keen to steal food-filled backpacks. In addition, the turbulent water makes swimming a risky endeavor. But for those that want to explore the rugged majesty of the South African shore instead of catching a nap on the beach, this wild piece of nature is sure to please.

Getting There

Although this tropical vacation may sound like a far-away dream land, Diaz Beach is easily accessible with a number of different travel options with popular Airlines including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and South African Airways. Major airports in Europe, Asia and North America offer direct flights to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa which is a 1 hour drive to Diaz Beach. You can also directly fly from Toronto, London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Calgary. Get more flexibility in fares from popular cities including San Diego, Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa and Paris. You can easily rent a car to get around but you can also hop on a train to get there. You truly can experience the beauty of South Africa and make traveling part an incredible part of the journey.