Falaises d’El Marsa a Alger

The gray speckled cliffs hovering above Falaises d’El Marsa beach outside of Alger serve as the backbone of this magnificent strip of sand. The frothy, white-capped waves crashing into these rocks are home to an abundance of marine life and are wonderful for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. Visit Falaises d’El Marsa most any time of year and soak in the sheer beauty of this remote location.

Getting There

Located in Algeria, Falaises d’El Marsa is located 43 minutes from Houari Boumediene, the airport in Algiers. To begin your vacation, book a flight to Africa or nearby countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. You will find direct flights to Algiers with Royal Air Maroc, Emirates Airlines and Tunisair. North Americans can travel from Toronto, New York, Calgary, Los Angeles and Montreal. You can also find flights from London to Algiers and Paris to Algiers.