Fjord Bay

Fjord Bay in Taba, Egypt is a crystal-blue gem surrounded by harsh, beautiful desert. The cotton-candy sky highlights the brilliant water color and the coral reefs below. Over fifteen kilometers from any city, Fjord Bay is home to some of the best diving in the world. Dive twelve meters to the banana-shaped reef or dive twenty-four meters to the infamous “Fjord hole.” Both of these locations possess thousands of unique marine creatures. The hike to this beach will be well worth it when you see the remote paradise that is Fjord Bay.

Getting There

Venturing to this incredible paradise is easily done when flying directly into the Cairo International Airport with a variety of flight options from Canada, Europe and the USA. Once landed you can take a bus or a train to Taba from the airport which is 387 Km away. Find more flexible fares from famous cities like Toronto, Sao Paulo, New York, London, Miami, Paris and Dubai.