Île aux Cerfs

Running your feet through sand as fine as powder, feasting your eyes on vibrant green palms, and gliding through waters that swirl with deep blues and teals can all be enjoyed on the tropical oasis of Île aux Cerfs. Off the coast of Mauritius, this beach offers a full platter of activities, such as parasailing, tube rides, sea walks, snorkeling, and boat tours. But, sitting on the shore and taking in the almost supernatural beauty of the clear and warm water would be enough to make your trip a success. Say yes to nurturing your senses in this intoxicating nirvana.

Getting There

Île aux Cerfs is a privately owned island near the east coast of Mauritius in the Flacq District. Getting to Île aux Cerfs requires an international flight from any major airport from Europe, Canada, and North America. Flights are offered with popular airlines including Air Canada, British Airways and American Airlines. Australian travellers can get direct flights from Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. Fly directly into Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Africa and rent a car or travel on public or private transport for an hour to get to the Beau Champ area. Once there, travelers have a number of options to get to the shoreline, including boat, catamaran, or yacht for ultimate pleasure.