Iles aux Nattes

The quintessential tropical island, Iles aux Nattes (called Nosy Nato by locals) has stunningly white beaches that gently disappear into the turquoise waters, which surround the island in warm serenity. While the water here is almost completely still and safe to swim in the sound of the waves crashing over the reef in the distance provide the soft lulling sound of surf. Sandy paths meander through the lush foliage of the 2 km wide island, where crab sightings are common. If you’d prefer to take in the island by boat, a dugout canoe can provide an excellent aquatic tour.

Getting There

Getting to Ile aux Nattes is more difficult due to its remoteness from larger populated areas of Madagascar. Fly to Madagascar from Paris, Delhi, Amsterdam, London, New York and Los Angeles. The best airlines to choose from are Air France, Kenya Airways and South African Airways. The closest international airport, Antananarivo Ivato is located 300 kilometers away. There are also direct flights from various countries including South Africa, India, Greece, Mexico, Australia and Thailand. Residents of North America can travel from Canada, USA, and California.