Legzira Beach

This remote stretch of beach makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time to a long lost land that was undiscovered by humans. It’s otherworldliness makes it hard to believe it’s real. The highlights are two massive red stone arches that stretch from cliffs into the sea. These impressive giants were formed from erosion and are wrapped in cascading waves during low tide. Sunsets at Legzira Beach are a must-see as the sun causes the red stone to glow with an exquisite flare.

Getting There

Legzira beach is located 65 km from Tiznit which is a town in the southern Moroccan region of Souss-Massa. Fly into Agadir Al Massira Airport from destinations such as Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Libya. Find direct flights to Agadir with Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, South African Airlines and Kenya Airways.