Misali Island

This uninhabited island off the coast of Tanzania is home to some of the most eclectic marine life and coral in the world. Due to its remote nature, a trip to Misali Island is akin to spending the day on your own private island. Dive into the warm, salty water to peer at the underwater city the coral boasts or relax on the beach, enjoying complete privacy. At low tide be ready to watch a mirage of crabs scuttle to shore, making the sand look like it is dancing. A perfect combination of nature’s paradise and exclusivity, Misali Island cannot be beat.

Getting There

Located in Tanzania, Misali island lies 50 km east of mainland Tanzania across the Pemba Channel and directly above Unguja, the nearest island in the archipelago. To begin your journey, book a flight to Tanzania or nearby countries including Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. You will find direct flights to Tanzania with Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Fly Air, and Air Tanzania. Residents of US can travel from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can also find flights from Melbourne to Zanzibar and Sydney to Zanzibar.