Mnemba Island

Off the northeast coast of Zanzibar lies an island so mesmerizing it seems to have been conjured from a dream. The beaches circling Mnemba Island are as a soft as powder and the warm waters sparkle so spectacularly it seems as though millions of diamonds are floating on its surface. Those that want to become one with the ocean can travel across its placid surface via kayak, explore its depths on a dive trip, or take their time examining the sea life with a mask and snorkel. In addition, sightings of coconut crabs, turtle hatchlings, dolphins, and suni antelope are common.

Getting There

Mnemba Island is a small island located 3 km off the northeast coast of Unguja, the largest island of the Zanzibar Archipelago in Tanzania. To begin your adventure, book a flight to Zanzibar or nearby countries including Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. You will find direct flights to Zanzibar with Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Fly Air, and Air Tanzania. Residents of US can travel from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can also find flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Zanzibar.