Paje Beach Zanzibar

You may hesitate before burying your toes in the sand on Paje Beach in Zanzibar, your senses tricking you into questioning whether the smooth white surface is snow or sediment. But have no fear, the sand at this beach is just that white. The brilliant blue of the water is a mirror image of the cloudless sky above. Sit at one of the countless beach bars while peering out at the kitesurfers dancing on the water, or hop on a jet ski and zoom around the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is the definition of a vacationer’s paradise.

Getting There

Paje Beach in Zanzibar is 50 km west of the international airport on the island of Zanzibar. Begin by booking a flight to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport or nearby countries including Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Direct flights to Zanzibar include these airlines: Condor, Jetfly, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airlines, KLM, and Turkish Airlines. Residents of US can travel from Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta and New York. You can also find flights to Tanzania from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Sydney.