Sable Blanc

Seeming to spill out of the cliff that flanks it, Sable Blanc is a beach bursting with a kaleidoscope of sea life that astounds visitors floating through the calm water. Schools of Napoleon fish are often spotted near the shore and its underwater ecosystem is a famed attraction amongst scuba divers. To make sure you’re making the most out of your time consider going for a swim, sipping on a fresh beverage, napping in the shade, gliding across the water on a kayak, then repeating. To avoid the crowds, visit Sable Blanc during a weekday.

Getting There

Sable Blanc, located in Tadjoura is the oldest town in the country of Djibouti and the capital of the Tadjourah Region. Sable blanc is 4.5 km from the centre of Tadjoura and 180 km from the nearest airport which is Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport. To begin your journey, book a flight to Djibouti or to neighbouring countries including Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, or Kenya. The best airlines to choose are Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Kenya Airlines.