Santa Monica Beach

Thought by many to be the most stunning beach of Cape Verde, Santa Monica Beach is a sprawling expanse of sand and sea that stretches for 9km. Because of the lack of vegetation there is little shade here so be sure to pack your umbrella if you’re planning on lounging for an extended period of time. The length of the beach makes it ideal for long walks with an occasional swim in the cobalt waters to cool off. If you happen to visit Santa Monica in the spring keep an eye out for humpback whales.

Getting There

Santa Monica Beach in Boa Vista is one of the easter islands in Cape Verde located in between the islands of Praia and Sal. The best way to arrive is to fly into either of these islands from any major airline. From there you can embark on a domestic flight to Boa Vista for your dream vacation. Find flights from all major cities around the world with popular airlines such as Air Canada, Tap Portugal, United Airlines and Westjet.