São Felipe

Wild figs, dramatic rock formations and views of an active volcano surround the black sand beach of Ponta da Salina, located near the colorful village of São Felipe. This ocean swimming pool is one-of-a-kind, with a safe oasis to swim in and a rock arch that frames the expansive water world of the Atlantic Ocean. You can feel the history in the air here as the island was first sighted in 1465 by Vincente Dias, and settled by the Portuguese in 1500. Those looking for a unique and culture-filled beach experience will find their bliss on this remote sandy refuge.

Getting There

Fogo Island, one of the southernmost islands in Cape Verde, is located between the islands of Santiago and Brava. Since it is a more remote island São Filipe only contains a domestic airport and a port. The best way to arrive is to fly into Praia island or Sal Island from all major airlines. From there you can embark on a domestic flight to São Filipe for your dream vacation. Find flights from all major cities around the world to Sal or Praia with popular airlines such as Air Canada, Tap Portugal, United Airlines and Westjet.