Seven Wave Beach

The beaches that spill out of the jungles on Sao Tome & Principe are so spectacular they seem as though they’ve been kissed with magic. The ocean will quickly put you in a hypnotic state as you stare into its clear waters, teeming with friendly wildlife. The prehistoric rock spires jutting out of the green canopies which cover much of the islands heighten the drama of this Jurassic-like world. If you tire of swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, and long bouts of napping, head into the jungle for the ultimate in exploration.

Getting There

Seven wave beach is located on Sao Tome & Principe Island situated in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western coast of Central Africa. There are two major airports in the country, Sao Tome International Airport and Príncipe Airport which service flights from mostly from Europe and Africa. Plan your trip as follows: Fly from any country in Europe, North America, Asia to Lisbon which offers the best flights with TAP. Then from Lisbon you can book a direct flight to Sao Tome. If flying domestically you can find flights from Luanda, Angola, Libreville, Accra, Ghana, Malabó and Equatorial Guinea.