Butterfly Beach

Only accessible by boat or a two-hour hike, seemingly, the butterflies are the only ones who can easily get to and from this remote, Indian beach. If you have the perseverance and endurance to get to this breathtaking beach you’ll be welcomed by millions of colorful butterflies licking the nectar of tropical flowers and the sight of wild dolphins jumping and dancing in the water offshore. Sitting on the white sand overlooking translucent water with nature putting on a show around you, it is a truly special beach and experience for all those who visit.

Getting there

There are several ways to reach Goa, and ultimately Butterfly Beach. Goa can be accessed through Dabolim Airport or by train or bus from a major city, like Mangalore, Mumbai, or Bangalore. Once in Goa, the only way to access Butterfly Beach is by water, so you can hire a boat at Palolem Beach or Agonda Beach to reach this gorgeous stretch of sand. North Americans fly to Delhi from where they can get direct flights to Goa, India or can take a flight to Mumbai and travel to Goa.