Qixingtan Beach

This tranquil, pebble-lined beach is Taiwan’s most famous secret. Revered for its sweeping views and remarkable beauty, locals flock here but rarely tell visitors in hopes of keeping it all to themselves. With black and white sands that sparkle after being touched by the Pacific tides that ebb in and out of the bay, and the staggering Qingshui cliffs in the distance, you’d want to keep this place a secret, too. And while you can enjoy this beach for all its lush, natural beauty during the day, it doesn’t disappoint at night, either. Many come here to stargaze and watch the moon reflect off of the water.

Getting there

Qixingtan Beach is located at the north end of Hualien City, where Hualien Airport services domestic flights. You can get to the beach by heading to Meilun Industrial Park, where you can follow the signs at the National Hualien University of Education. This route is best for a bus (Line 105), personal vehicle or taxi, as highway 193 runs along the coastline. Flights to Taipei are easily available from popular Canadian cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto.