Anaho Beach

Anaho Beach in Nuku Hiva boasts brilliant colors whose bold shades will catch your eyes and leave you breathless. Lazy palm trees border the water along this beach, casting shadows on the teal water. The golden sand begs you to relax in the sun while the sun bronzes you and the sound of the waves will put you to sleep. Anaho Beach is an idyllic utopia that will take you away from all of your worries. After you relax, hike through the rainforest up the staggering mountains behind the waves and enjoy a once in a lifetime view.

Getting There

The remote nature of this beach requires you to first fly to Tahiti’s international airport, then connect to the island of Nuku Hiva. Tahiti offers five flights to Nuku Hiva per week. The flight time is just over three hours. If you are flying from Los Angeles, there are several nonstop flights to Tahiti each week. However, if you are coming from major hubs on any other continents, it is likely your flight to Tahiti will require an additional layover. Once you’ve landed at the airport. North Americans can fly to Auckland from where they can get a direct flight to Papeete and continue their journey ahead.