Castaway Island

Castaway Island, also known as Qalito Island, in Fiji is just as picturesque as it sounds. This quaint island only stretches 170 acres across. It is covered in flourishing forests, velvety sand, and a seemingly empty beach. This island is also surrounded by vibrant coral reefs which give you an excellent opportunity to snorkel in the tranquil waters and discover marine animals at every turn. Take a seaplane, helicopter or boat to this remote island and enjoy your private paradise.

Getting There

You will fly to the international airport in Nadi, Fiji then take either a connecting flight, seaplane or boat to Castaway Island. The boat departs Nadi three times a day and has a ninety-minute duration. The flight options would both be a shorter duration but would be a little more expensive. It all depends if you’d like to get to the beach as quickly as possible, or if you would enjoy a relaxing boat ride to start your vacation. Whether you are traveling from Brisbane or Auckland, Melbourne or Vancouver you can easily get a flight to Nadi.