Denarau Island

Denarau Island off the coast of Fiji is one of the lesser-known gems of the Pacific Ocean. With lush vegetation and endless white sand, there is plenty of opportunities to comfortably relax or explore for hours. The translucent seawater is perfect for snorkeling and peering at the abundance of colors in the coral reefs, so be sure to hit the water at some point. Take a cruise up and down the coast or hop on a banana boat to fill your adventurous soul. This island is a dazzling diamond amidst countless Tahitian treasures.

Getting There

Denarau Island has a road connecting it to the main island of Viti Levi which is home to Nadi International Airport. There are several non-stop and connecting flights into Nadi’s airport from international flight hubs like Los Angeles and Sydney each day. Airlines such as American, Qantas and Fiji Airways all fly into Nadi. Once you have landed, Denarau Island beach is just a twenty-five-minute ride in a taxi, private car or rental car.