Fakarava Beach

Situated on the “Island of Dreams” in French Polynesia, Fakarava Beach boasts pristine sand and crystal-clear water. This beach has one of the best snorkeling locations in the world and serves as a safe haven to hundreds of rare fish, sharks, and marine animals. With a consistently warm temperature of about 28 degrees celsius year-round, and 295 days of sunshine each year, you cannot go wrong when choosing this historic beach in French Polynesia. Fakarava Beach is what postcards are made of and is sure to fulfill every aspect of your dream beach vacation.

Getting There

North American and European travelers can fly to Los Angeles from where they can take a flight to Papeete, Tahiti. From Papeete Airport you can fly to Fakarava Airport via Air Tahiti or you can cruise your way through the South Pacific to Fakarava beach. Whether you are traveling from Toronto, San Francisco or Vancouver you can easily take a flight to Los Angeles and start your journey from there to Fakarava Beach.