Fatu Ma Futi Beach

Shaped by the seas and molded by an ancient love story, Fatu Ma Futi Beach in the American Somoa brings romance alive in the form of a flawless tropical paradise. As legend tells it, two lovers were traveling amongst the islands hundreds of years ago. When the water became choppy, their boat capsized. Just strokes from shore, the two devastated lovers drown. Centuries later, these two people have transformed into the lush, tree-covered rocks that watch over the island. With white sand and tranquil blue water, find out what love is all about on this stunning piece of land.

Getting There

Very few carriers fly to the American Somoa Islands, but there are a couple of options. Hawaiian Airlines runs multiple flights a week to Pago Pago International Airport in Pago Pago. Other options include Virgin Australia and Philippine Airlines. These depart from multiple locations, mainly from Hawaii and mainland Australia. You can then drive directly from the airport to this beach. Whether you are coming from Asia, North America or Europe, all of these connections should be available to you.