Fingal Bay

Fingal Bay is in New South Wales in Australia’s Tomaree National Park. This crescent-shaped beach is a quaint bay near an incredibly small, picturesque town. With ice-blue water, white sand and a gentle tide rocking the water back and forth, it is easy to fall in love with this paradise. Explore the ancient lighthouse that has served as a beacon of light for thousands of travelers or adventure onto the private island connected to the bay by a long, slender stretch of sand. Enjoy the almost uninhabited area and settle into a life of rest and relaxation.

Getting There

Fingal Bay is located just above Sydney, Australia which makes accessing this gorgeous beach extremely easy. As a major international hub, you can get to Sydney from most anywhere in the world be it South America or Europe. If you are departing from the US, the fastest route would be to take a direct flight from Los Angeles. From Sydney, you can take a four-hour bus ride or drive about three hours north to Fingal Bay.