Kadavu Island

Kadavu Island in Fiji is home to some of the best snorkeling, hiking, and sea-kayaking in the Pacific Ocean. One of the biggest coral reefs in the world, the Great Astroblade Reef possesses sea creatures galore, ancient shipwrecks, and endless coral gardens. The rainforest offers excellent paths for hiking and gorgeous, 360-degree views. Milky-white sand and turquoise water, so clear you can see the sand, create a scene begging you to relax and truly immerse yourself in a vacation mindset.

Getting There

In order to get to Kadavu, you will fly into either Nadi or Nausori International Airport. From there, you can take another flight to Kadavu’s local airport, or you can take a ferry. The ferry departs from Walu Bay, Suva on Tuesday evenings, so plan your flights accordingly! There are four flights per week at Kadavu’s airport from each international airport, all with a fifty-minute duration. Fiji Airways usually offers the best prices and most convenient flight times. Travelers from around the globe are it Brazil, India, Japan or Germany can easily get a flight to Nadi.