Lalomanu Beach

Lalomanu Beach on Upolu Island, Samoa is what dreams are made of. The most pristine beach on the island, the white sand, and dazzling blue water meet to form a perfect shoreline. Looking out at the water, you can see that the lagoons and first several meters of the ocean is completely translucent, giving you a peek at what magical creatures live below. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the thousands of fish and fauna that breed in this protected marine habitat, or choose to take a leisurely swim with the endangered green sea turtles that relax offshore.

Getting There

No matter where you are flying from, the main point of entry into Samoa is Faeolo International Airport on the island of Upolu. A flight from Sydney or Melbourne is five hours and a flight from Auckland, New Zealand would be less than four hours. Whether you are coming from Los Angeles, London Heathrow, Tokyo, or any other major hubs for international flights, it is likely you will need to have a layover on mainland Australia before arriving in Samoa.